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World Aids Day is annually observed on December 1. On this day, communities around the world honour & commemorate those lost to AIDS & those who continue to live with the effects of HIV / AIDS. World AIDS Day is also used to mark the achievements made, & the work still to be done in the fight against HIV / AIDS, raise money, increase awareness, fighting prejudice & improving education.

According to UNAIDS estimates, there are now 33.2 million people living with HIV, including 2.5 million children. Around 95% of people infected live in developing nations.

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Tomorrow Body shop will mark the World AIDS Day by collaborating with the Brunei AIDS council at the Malls atrium concourse in Gadong. Public are urged to wear anything red to show support & concerns towards combating this epidemic.

Tick tock tick tock... Monday tomorrow. have you ever thought of the question above? like to ask for a pay rise haha, or design a new project?? The CONSTANT demands of the working life can make one day seem much like the next. Infact, there is a rhythm to the working week-one that savvy employees can use to their advantage. People begin the week all fired up, but as Friday draws nearer they realise they will have to compromise. Agree?? I know u don't, kenapa??? Lazy Monday?? alasan hehehe..

Monday finds workers more demanding & aggressive, so this is the best day for dele
gating, organising & setting goals, following your boss's direction & avoiding conflict. Tuesday can be the peak day for output & efficiency. This is perhaps the best day for job-hunting. Wednesday. Workers are relaxing into the week, but are not yet exhausted. It's the best day for creative thinking. Hold brainstorming meetings & think about the future. Thursday is the best day to ask people to do things because workers are relatively more submissive & open to negotiation. So it might be the best day to ask for a pay rise!! applicable for non-gamin ah.. mun gamin jgn tah harap!! Then come Saturday. I do take more risks on this particular day hehe. It's a good day to confront colleagues with a grievance. Selalunya, they came to terms with what we've said before seing us on Monday.

I'm extra busy this month, but i need to find time to unwind: Doin too much can make me sick. Those who clock 51-plus hours a week are 30% more likely to have high blood pressure than those who work less than 40 hours. Leme count: 7.5 hours x 5 = 37.5 hours. Plus xtra work at home agen & merenung & cogitating laptop ani + researching agen = 8 hours (sometimes more) x 7 = 56 hours. Totalnya = 37.5 hrs + 56 hrs wic is 93.5 hours a week!!!

WOW nda ku realize dat i actually spend alot of time doing my work back at home!! This really could cause some chronic job stress, AM I?? ani bahaya ni geng, bulih dpt metabolic syndrome ni. For those who doesnt know apa Metabolic syndrome ani, its a group of rsik factors that can lead to heart disease & diabetes. But so far, since we have a quaterly check-up, Im healthy, syukur... YAYY!!

And to stay healthy, lets ease the strain ah: lets make & enjoy friends on the job & blogs hehe and take breaks... n let us watch the video bawah ani hehehe... enjoy!!

hahaha.. wat a laugh!! baik jua masa ku sekulah nda cemani, nda ku sanggup sacrifice sampai kana hambat hahaha... ven ven ven ven ven ven ven.... TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN

With more and more milk products from China and Taiwan having problem. We really got to check where the things are produced. Here is a way to differentiate Taiwan made products and China made products : by looking at first three digits of its Bar Code.

If the 1st 3 digits are 690, 691 or 692 - China made If the 1st 3 digits are 471 – Taiwan made

Kana tagged tah ku ulih c BOBO. Apa kin TAGGED ani pesen nya?? Dlm kamus bahasa: tag-label, tagged-merangkaikan, menyambung, membubuh label. Nda kan membubuh label ah, label apa jua haha... Ni nah satu lagi makna nya, Tag: permainan kejar-mengejar. Macam main carah pulis ni jua ah...

Nah dibawah ani ku list kan org2 yang ku carah kan hehehe...


Rules and Regulation Simple Saja

Jawap Soalan yang di berikan dgn menggunakan gambar u search sendiri dari google image or mana saja u ikut suka ati u lah.Then tag other 7 people .


"The rules are simple. Use Google Images to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of results, and post it as your answer. After that tag 7 people ."

Why Do You Blog??

The Age Of My Next Birthday???
The Place I'd Like to Travel to:

A Favourite Place:
A Favourite Thing:

Favourit Food
Favourite Color:
The City I Live In:
A Nickname I had:
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semua lens ani ku mau haha..

Bad Interview

A man went to apply for a job. After filling out all of his applications he waited anxiously for the outcome. The employer read all his applications & said, "We have an opening for people like you."

"Oh, great," the man said, "What is it?"
"It's called the door."

These are some of pics during this years rukyah taken at Bukit Agok. If time permits, i'l surely join the team to observe the new moon for month Zulhijjah.

Those of you who are allergy-prone, take note. Allergic reactions are caused when the immune system responds to allergens such as dust mites, pollen or pet hair & dander, by releasing histamine, causing symptoms such as wheezing & sneezing. The most common allergen causing allergic rhinitis here are dust mites.

It's scary but true that if you sneeze while driving at 110 km/h on the road, you can travel up to 90 metres with your eyes closed (Please dun try this haha. So, always have tissues handy - and slow down lah & drop back if you feel a sneeze coming on. You can buy a car air purifier which may help remove pollen, dust & diesel exhaust. Some car purifiers plug into the cigarette lighter easily.

Balik kampung

Gunners Spank!!

Pic taken from Teamtalk
Arsenal's turbulent week ended in more misery as Manchester City sent them to a fifth league defeat of the season.
The Gunners, who dropped skipper William Gallas after his midweek outburst, looked to be in freefall.
Stephen Ireland clipped in City's first after Gael Clichy sliced a clearance, and Robinho doubled the lead when he superbly chipped Manuel Almunia.
Robinho had a shot cleared off the line before Daniel Sturridge scored with a penalty after he had been fouled.
*Thanx mad for the early reminder... atu awal ko ngantar haha... nda apa, yg penting Ireland score, naik jua point fantasy football ku.
Epl Results:
Aston Villa 0-0 Man utd
Liverpool 0-0 Fulham (Cana ni kira half jua ko lanja aku ni mad..haha)
Chelsea 0-0 Newcastle
Middlesbro' 1-3 Bolton
Portsmouth 2-2 Hull
Stoke 1-0 West Brom

Tutong FA Cup

BUFC Management

Down Injured
Its Argentina up against Brazil. Nope!! Can u see Saviola or Maradona in the above pictures?? Or even Kaka or Dunga??? Haha.. This is actually a semifinal match of the 2008 Tutong District FA Cup held last Wednesday at Muda Hashim Primary School field, Tutong. Team in Argentina are from Bukit Udal FC whereas Sinar Fc wearing the Brazil kit. The match ended with BUFC thrashing Sinar FC 4-0. The final match will be held on the 5th of December insyallah.

Skipping is not just for kids. It's high-intensity cardio exercise that uses every muscle in your body. It's a great way to improve general fitness, endurance & stamina. However, to get results we must work our heart from 70-80% of its full capacity. Try the mini-circuit below. "Ensure we warm up for five minutes first & keep the circuit going for at least 20. It's an excellent workout, especially if we're short of time.

  • Skip for 1 minute
  • Star jumps for 30 seconds
  • Six 30-metre sprints
  • Ten sit-ups
  • Repeat five times

Gunners Update. Theo Walcott dislocated his shoulder while on international duty this week and is expected to be out for three months. The loss of Walcott is a big blow for Wenger, who is already without two wide players: Rosicky & Eboue. Its getting worse & worser for the Gooners. The only positive thing about the Gunners is the return of Eduardo & he will be back in training next week.

Our country will become host for the 6th BIMP-EAGA Friendship Games to be held from the 28th till the 30th of this month (November). With the theme of "Cooperation Through Sports", it is hope the games will foster frienship across the region. The participating countries includes our country Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and a team from Australia. The games are competed by athletes 21 years old & below. This i believe will give the opportunity for coming talents to shine & hone their skills on a higher level. Events are athletics, swimming, badminton, futsal, sepak takraw, pencak silat & tennis.

For more info, click here

I do wonder if we have this particular machine for performing ritual ablutions.. The closest that i can tink of is the ones in Jame' Asr yang keluar air wuduk sendiri ah, atu pun kira manual jua kakal ah.. Mun ada nanti bisai jua ni, but people would become indolent & paksa tah update books on proper ablution lagi tu mun makai mesin ani. The best part of it is not the automated part, tu nah yang Ear and Facial washer ah, takut ku ada yg ngambil kesempatan memfacial muka makai facial cleanser dsana hehehe... ok peps hepi Juma'at..

Henglun won

Picture taken from soccernet

A superb header di saat2 akhir oleh kapitan John Terry memberikan kemenangan kepada England 2-1 ke atas Germany di Olympiastadion, Berlin. Tho ngantuk, meliat jua ku akhir nya.

Gol pertama di jaringkan oleh partner si Terry defend tangah, Mathew Upson di minit ke 24 1st half. Ada jua bagusnya star2 England banyak injured ani mcm Rooney, Gerrard, Lampard, Rio Ferdinand, Joe Cole & Theo Walcott, Atleast bari chance lah arah muka2 baru. Gabriel Agblonlahor of Aston Villa (walaupun engko pemusnah Arsenal hehe...) was handed a debut by coach Fabio Capello, who lined up in attack with Jermaine Defoe. Wah tanpa ku sedari rupa2nya banyak pemain2 ku dlm Fantasy football kana list, baik jua International Frenly game ganya, mun nda naik rangking ku ni...haha3

Well, great plaudits for Agbonlahor, Upson, Barry, Johnson, Carrick & most of all Downing which to me are the man of the match!!

World GIS Day

Tomorrow will be the International GIS Day. GIS Day is a grassroot event that reaches out to our community, to demonstrate the real-world applications & the importance of GIS in our world & business. GIS is the combination of Geography/Maps & Information Technology.

Geography is the study of location, acquiring spatial knowledge & using this knowledge to make an informed decisions. By combining the knowledge with information technology, we have a powerful tool that allows better decisions to be made. GIS is used everyday within business, planning, conservation, transportation, education, health & human services, government & many more industries to help make sure that today's resources are available for tomorrow's residents.

Are we celebrating it since this year is the 10th anniversary. I remember we did last year & marking it with some events held at Taman Soas.

The Mariana Trench is located in the Pacific Ocean, just east of the 14 Mariana Islands (11"21' North latitude and 142" 12' East longitude ) near Japan. As you probably already know, it is the deepest part of the earth's oceans, and the deepest location of the earth itself. It was created by ocean-to-ocean subduction, a phenomena in which a plate topped by oceanic crust is subducted beneath another plate topped by oceanic crust.

The deepest part of the Mariana Trench is the Challenger Deep, so named after the exploratory vessel HMS Challenger II; a fishing boat converted into a sea lab by Swiss scientist Jacques Piccard.

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Test shoot

Try to guess wer this is... Min jgn bising ah sshhhhh.... 1st try on Lomo, mcm nda menjadi saja hehehehe...