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2008 is almost over.. time for a new resolution. Yakah??Havent tot of one yet haha... So to you peps out there.. Celebrate, celebrate jua.. banyak kali ROADBLOCK ah. To yang handle segala mercun bunga api( ada kah taun ani) bisai2 saja. Safety first!! I'l leave you with these two videos lah.. SEE YOU IN 2009!!!!

With already 300 dead and continued shelling of civilians in southern Israel, now is the time to issue a demand to world leaders that the spiralling violence that has characterized the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must come to an end.

Obviously, the media, in the U.S., have dropped the ball on Gaza. What's going on there should never have happened in the first place, let alone percolate to the point of explosion,

This is no longer about who is right and who is wrong. It is no longer a question of who struck whom first any more than what is going on now in Gaza is about the moral culpability, or political viability, of Hamas.

The ongoing occupation, and decimation, of Gaza defies reason, and forces one to ask whether there can be any justification for wholesale slaughter that is going on there. There is only one solution, and that involves compromise. All who think of themselves as human beings are also victims of this violence.

Sign the petition here calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza - and for peace to be achieved between Israel and Palestine in 2009.

Happy 14th Bafday to you my bro yang lagi ngetop, Md Nazri.. Hahaha... may Allah bless yau.. yo..


Mercedes C vs Geely Merrie 300
Daewoo Matiz vs Chery QQ
Opel (Vauxhall) Frontera vs Landwind
Honda CRV vs Laibao SRV
Smart vs Chinese Smart
Toyota Prado vs Dadi Shuttle
Nissan Xtrail vs Greatwall Sing
BMW logo vs BYD logo
Toyota logo vs Geely logo
Ballstar instead of ALLSTAR
Abcids instead of ADIDAS
Pama instead of PUMA
Polystation instead of Playstation
FTZA instead of FILA
Nire instead of NIKE
FUMA ("to smoke" in Spanish) instead of PUMA
Sonia instead of SONY

Thunder... Thunder.... Thunder..... Thundercats... woooooooo......
wooo kah oooo?? yoooo kali hahahaha

What a SHAME...

It's confirm now that DPMM FC wont be competing in the 2009 season of Malaysian Super League, a BIG THANX to BAFA for not complying to the RoS rules. BAFA is no longer recognised as an association by the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) preventing DPMM FC and other local clubs from competing in any FIFA sanctioned competition.

BAFA was disbanded by the registrar for failing to submit its annual general meeting report as requested by the society. I understand that they didnt submit the report not ONE! but for the past 20 YEARS!!!!!!!! Correct me if im wrong. But 20 years, durian pun pandai abis. Our football is going NO where (David Booth). I still remember him saying those words. And honestly, thats the one of many reasons why he left the national team, BAFA'S A JOKE.. nO OFFENCE. SAD but... TRUE.

I feel sorry for the DPMM FC players, for all the sacrifice & hard work that they have put in their pre-season training. Just hope that our current Fifa ranking of 181 wont be affected. NOT!!

For more stories, go grab a copy of today's local newspaper or read here

Animals rain

Raining animals is a relatively common meteorological phenomenon, with occurrences reported from many countries throughout history. The animals most likely to drop from the sky in a rainfall are fish and frogs, with birds coming third. Sometimes the animals survive the fall, especially fish, suggesting a small time gap between the extraction and the actual drop. Several witnesses of raining frogs describe the animals as startled, though healthy, and exhibiting relatively normal behavior shortly after the event. In some incidents, however, the animals are frozen to death or even completely enclosed in blocks of ice. These occurrences may be evidence for the transport of the victims to high altitudes, where the temperature is below zero, and they show how powerful meteorological forces can be. Most recent occurrences include the rain of frogs and toads in Serbia (2005) and London (1998), and rains of fish in India (2006) and Wales (2004).

In Honduras, the Lluvia de Peces (Rain of Fishes) is a unique phenomenon that has been occurring for more than a century on a yearly basis in the country of Honduras. It occurs in the Departamento de Yoro, between the months of May and July. Witnesses of this phenomenon state that it begins with is a dark cloud in the sky followed by lightning, thunder, strong winds and heavy rain for 2 to 3 hours. Once the rain has stopped, hundreds of living fish are found on the ground. People take the fish home to cook and eat them. Although some experts have tried to explain the Rain of Fishes as a natural meteorological phenomenon, the fish are not sea water fish, but fresh water fish; they are not dead, but alive; they are not blind, they have eyes; they are not big fish, but small; and the type of fish is not found elsewhere in the area. There is no valid scientific explanation for this phenomenon.

Gunners Hang On

Arsenal & Liverpool split the points at the Emirates Stadium battling out an entertaining 1 all draw in a game that saw the GUNNERS finished with only 10 MEN after Emmanuel Adebayor was sent off. Robin van Persie gave Arsenal the lead only for Robbie Keane to level matters for Liverpool.

Personally i don't agree with Howard Webb decision. It was a pure mistake of him. On the good side of it, Arsenal remain UNBEATEN by their fellow "BIG FOUR" members.

A BIG congratulation to Man Utd after being crowned the World Club Champions of the world after defeating LDU Quito by virtue of Wayne Rooney strike in the final 16 minutes at the Yokohama Stadium, Japan.

In another match last night, Vietnam ended Singapore’s reign as Asean champions after they scored a 1-0 victory over the Lions infront of a 50,000 spectators in their AFF Suzuki Cup semi-final, second leg on Sunday. Striker Nguyen Quang Hai snared the winner in the 75th minute to give Vietnam a 1-0 aggregate victory after the first leg in Hanoi on Wednesday finished 0-0. In the final, Vietnam face Thailand, who beat Indonesia 3-1 on aggregate. The first leg of the final is at Stadium Rajamangala on Wednesday with the return leg in Hanoi on Sunday.

In September 1955, James Dean was killed in a horrific car accident whilst he was driving his Porsche sports car. After the crash the car was seen as very unlucky.
a) When the car was towed away from accident scene and taken to a garage, the engine slipped out and fell onto a mechanic, shattering both of his legs.

b) Eventually the engine was bought by a doctor, who put it into his racing car and was killed shortly afterwards, during a race. Another racing driver, in the same race, was killed in his car, which had James Dean's driveshaft fitted to it.
c) When James Dean's Porsche was later repaired, the garage it was in was destroyed by fire. d) Later the car was displayed in Sacramento, but it fell off it's mount and broke a teenager's hip.
e) In Oregon, the trailer that the car was mounted on slipped from it's towbar and smashed through the front of a shop.
f) Finally, in 1959, the car mysteriously broke into 11 pieces while it was sitting on steel supports.

Miracle of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
This picture shows the location of the "Rocky Belt" which shows the moon was once split. The unbelievers of Makkah said to the prophet that if you are truly a prophet split the moon and if you do we shall believe. It was a full moon that night...

And so the prophet prayed to Allah to grant him this miracle, and the moon was split. half was seen over Mount. Saffa, and the other half was seen over Mount. Kaikaan.

The people said that the prophet has placed a spell on us, however if he played trick on us, then he cant play trick on all the people in the world! Abu Jahl then said: "let us wait until the people of Albadiah come, and if they saw the moon split, then it is true, if not then we all know it was a trick of magic. When the people of Albadiah came they said that they too saw the moon split, and the disbelievers said "oh, how powerful Mohammad's magic is!" Then Allah revealed Surat al Qamar: "The hour has come near and the moon has split, and when they see a sign, they turn and say 'this is a continuous magic' and they disbelieved abd followed their desires..."

This took place in the days of the prophet Muhammad in Makkad.

In one of Dr. Zaghlool Al-Najaar's seminars, in one of the British universities said: "The miracle of the splitting of the moon has been proven recently"... "One of the british brothers who is very concerned about the state of Islam "Dawood Musa" who is the new chairman of the British Muslims party said "While he was searching for a religion, a friend gave him a copy of the Quran translated in english. he opened it & came across surat Al-Qamar & read "The hour has come & the moon has split", looking at this he said 'The moon has split?! he then stopped reading & did not open it again.

Then one day while watching a program on the BBC, the broadcaster was talking with 3 American scientists, & the broadcaster was blaming America for spending billions of dollars on space projects, in a time where millions of people are suffering from poverty.The scientists were trying to explain why it is important to go into space exploration. Soon the scientists came to discuss the most expensive trip tp the moon, which costed about $100 billion, so the broadcaster asked them "So to put the American flag on the moon you spent this much money?!"

The scientists stated that this much money was spent because they were trying to study the internal structure of the moon to see what similarities it has with the Earth, & they said that they were suprised to find a 'Belt of Rocks' that goes from the surface of the moon right to the inner depths.

Being quite suprised, they gave this information to their geologists, who were also suprised, as they concluded that this couldn't be unless the moon was once split & resealed. The rocks on the belt are a result of the impact during the time that 2 halves of the moon recombined.

Watching this brother Dawood Mussa jumped off his seat screaming "This is Muhammad's miracle which occured more than 1400 years ago, & now the Americans are spending billions of dollars to prove it to the Muslims. He then said "This must surely a true religion, & so, where once Surat Al-Qamar was a cause for him disbelieving in Islam, it was now the reason for him embracing Islam...

More videos of the Miracle here

Youth Development Centre held a certificate presentation ceremony at its premises yesterday for a Short-term program for term 2007-2008 at the Centre in Tanah Jambu.

Amongst other aim of the ceremony, is to give a sense of self-confident as well as to encourage & motivate the recipients while supporting them in discovering their true potentials & abilities and also as an appreciation for them who have completed the course.
A total of 54 participants took part in various programme, 41 from the Asy-Syifa while 7 took part in a programme designed for retiring ABDB personnel & 6 others from the short programme.

Present as the guest of honour to hand over the certificates was the acting director of Youth and Sports department, Yang Mulia pengiran Haji Sabri bin Pengiran Haji Mohammad. He highlighted on the alarming rise in social ills amongst youths.

Love is in the air, it's another wedding day....

mlm ambil-ambilan...
No more peace Bro??
Kita meraikan dua pengantin baru,
Mari doakan agar mereka bahagia,
Dapat zuriat soleh solehah,
Mentaati Allah dan juga Rasul-Nya...

** Thanx cumi for the pictures... paham jua ah..hehe

For more pictures, you can view here...

Baru ku realise kwn ku ani suka bari PEACE..

Dats gona be it lah.. hope there'll be more pictures of his wedding.. mun paham bisai ah cumi.. Sorry gyus, won't be attending ur bersanding today since my kajen also kawin hehehehe... PEACE agen

Where there's a Great Love, there are always Miracles. Wish this wonderful moment bonds both of you forever. May Allah Bless on your wedding Days... Semoga hidup berbahagia disamping isteri tersayang ... Congratulations bro !!!